Biochalk Introduction

Biochalk is a culture education innovating environmental enterprises, compatible with the researching, sales and education service together.  

The main market for the Biochalk : Children play graffiti sets, publication of children’s readings, Children’s aesthetic education paradise,and school ecological dusty-free teaching,etc four fields.

Culture idea

one chalk,one wall,one world”

technology innovation

have invested the technology development cost for 15 millions RMB more than,Biochalk have developed the high-technology products-----Bichalk ecological environment and dust free chalk independently, and have owned ourself intellectual property in China in 2009.

We have owned the Chinese invention patent for the products in 2010.

Biochalk researching team have finished the development of children graffiti wall,and ecological-environment graffiti chalk from 2011 to 2012 .All above products have filled in the space of domestic market for Children doodle(graffiti) wall and children graffiti education toy, have owned the Chinese invention patent too in the same time!  

The “Doodle art area” and “Doodle art room” special products have been included in the catalogue of children park rating standard and procument standard Liaoning province.  The researching center of national education ministry bring it into the procument direction catalogue of preschool education.

The Biochalk children graffiti products system have been sold into all around China, and open the new section of Chinese children graffiti, Biochalk are leading the flourish of Chinese children graffiti education. 


Biochalk (Dalian)culture development Co.,Ltd.

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